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Bettini & Penazzato designer, is a creative structure made up of fashion researchers, designers, able to interpret fashion trends and fashion trends worldwide.


Fashion creativity & life style in the sign of personalization

Bettini & Penazzato designer, is a creative structure made up of fashion researchers,designers able to interpret fashion trends and fashion trends on a global scale.

A company able to provide the customer with exclusive and comprehensive advice, specializing in the design of both women and man footwear, studying the market and accompanying the changes, paying particular attention to transferring style to the productive brand in order to interpret and express at best every single need.

We develop our projects based on attentive analyzes made, Designing provides accurate service at all stages:

Analysis of the reference markets

Elasticity in the development method depending on the company

Consumer target analysis

Specific research on trends, materials and colors


Design of the collections, from the design to the finished prototype completely handmade and perfectly responsive to the final product

SOLE PROJECT, sole development with 2D and 3D design, preparation wooden or resin (maquete) proto, detailed information of the files sheet.

Confidentiality given by a creative and technical organization structured completely within the company


Ambience Style, Unique Atmosphere the difference in detail

The Studio is located in an antique Venetian style villa, divided between the research and creativity part where a specialized team works, the prototype workshop and the showroom where it is possible to view, analyze and show-defilè the new creations.



History serves to know who we are, but it is the constant creativity and innovation which gives energy to the future

At Strà in the heart of the Brenta Riviera, just a few meters from Villa Pisani, the queen of the Brenta villas – in an ancient villa embellished with details of liberty style, stylists Walter Bettini and Ennio Penazzato with their creativity give shape through style and innovation , one of the main objectives of the study is to excite the final consumer through the accessory he is purchasing.

The Studio was born in 1959 with the name of Bettini & Benato, from a family tradition, Walter and Ennio, entering the world of footwear in the mid-1980s, and with the teaching and experience acquired in 1998, the studio Bettini & Penazzato.



The stylistic studio has witnessed continuous moments of growth that have been realized by providing their collaboration with important Italian and world shoe groups, participating in the most important trade shows in the sector, also significant attendance at various seminars and workshops around the world.

Since 2005, they moved to Strà’s new headquarters, continue to offer their ideas and to be present with their own collections in all the world markets, with the precious collaboration of a trusted staff, developing and analyzing individual collections trying to translate always changing fashion changes, interpreting them and transforming them into a trend, with the taste and style that has always distinguished their creations.



We create the Image, the Emotion, the Desire

We offer our support for trend book and fashion research, we currently collaborate with various specialized magazines companies with photo, image services and trend preview: The Micam Today -Vogue Accessori – Shoe Collections – AF Group – Obbiettivo Moda – Masters – Moda Pelle.


Research and Imput from the world around us
We are present at fair

will show our collection to:

  • Lineapelle (Milano-Italy) 23-25 Settembre 2020 Hall 9-A25
  • Designer Fair (ITC Grand Chola Hotel-Chennai-India)  February 2021
  • Lineapelle (Milano-Italy) 24-26 February 2021 Hall 9-A25


You can contact us or meet in our showroom


Via Venezia, 10/1
30039 Strà Venezia ITALY


Phone: +39 049 502287
Fax: +39 049 502287


You can contact us or meet in our showroom

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